Online Pre-Application Form

Please complete one pre-application for each adult on the contract or occupant., by sending this application you authorize the use of the information provided to the Property Management company to do a background, income, employment, tenancy, credit and or referrals check.  If a line is not filled in we will notify you by email.  You will also be required to present 2 forms of identification for verification purposes and we will need your final signature for processing.

Requirements: Click Here for Tenant Screening Criteria
Proof of current income personal or combined to be at least 3x the rent.  You must disclaim if pets will be living at the property.  *Pets may or may not be authorized, if authorized a pet fee applies.

Online Pre-Application Form

    TENANCY WILL BE DENIED if any information is misrepresented on this application. If misrepresentations are found after the rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated. This is to advise that I hereby authorize DBA Rent Now RGV, Lard lord the person or firm to whom my application has been submitted, to obtain a consumer credit report, to conduct a criminal record search, an eviction search and to make any other inquiries as deemed necessary in determining eligibility for tenancy and assessing credit worthiness. I understand that the information set out in the rental application form may be used for purposes of responding to emergencies, ensuring the orderly management of the tenancy, complying with legal requirements and for collection purposes should rent be left owing or rental property damaged at termination of lease or end of tenancy. I have also received a copy of the FCRA Summary of Rights and understand its contents.



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