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Avoid scams, apply online only or in person at this website or office, always call the office and don’t send any money thru cash app or other insecure methods.

Evite fraude solo pague y aplique en línea aquí y no pague depósitos a nadie hasta que esté aprobado.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a tenant, we hope your rental choice becomes a comfortable and long term home for you. Please submit your information so we may better assist you during the application process. You may also call the office at 956 627 5506  or email:

For any questions in regards to the application registration and payment please contact the office at or 956-627-5506

Application requirements:

To qualify we require a valid ID (for anyone 18+), credit report, two month’s proof of personal or combined income (income to rent ratio to be at least 3X the Rent Amount), Credit Report, Have no previous Eviction Record or Criminal Background (Felonies).

To avoid hard inquiries on your credit and avoid lowering your score, we are willing to accept a self-full credit report from Transunion, Equifax, Experian, FICO or Credit Karma. Make an account for free, check your credit and please send a full report or screenshots that includes your name on it.

How to apply!

Como aplicar (video en español)


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